About You

UConn’s Master of Engineering in Global Entrepreneurship is a student-focused program that aims to train you to become a successful high-tech entrepreneur.

We are looking for collaborative, creative, driven future entrepreneurs to take our program and the Connecticut entrepreneurial network to the next level.

You’ve got what we’re looking for.

  • Tech Quality. You own the intellectual property for a potentially disruptive technology with compelling market potential.
  • Technical Skills. You have a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field that gives you knowledge and skills needed to lead a high-tech startup.
  • Personal Qualities. You are creative, collaborative, and highly motivated. You have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You have a strong interest in joining a supportive, high-tech innovation environment.
  • Relocation Potential. You are interested in joining us here: you are willing to establish and grow your business in Connecticut.
  • Leadership/Diversity. You have shown past leadership and/or bring a strong personal commitment to working with us to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion of marginalized groups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of CT.