Distance Learning Lab (DLL)

Information on The Distance Learning Lab (DLL) Skybox

The Distance Learning Lab (DLL) Skybox is a part of Skybox, hosted on the UConn domain. This is different than the Engineering Skybox, which is on the Engineering domain. What this means is that in order to log on to the DLL you must use your UConn NetID and Password, NOT your Engineering credentials.

Software on the Distance Learning Lab Skybox

There are only 5 pieces of software currently installed on the Distance Learning Lab (DLL) as of 10/01/2015. They are:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Matlab 2015a (Version 2015b, License Expires 06/30/2016)
  • Dymola 2015 (Version 2015, License Expires 08/10/2016)
    • Includes Visual Studios as a compiler
  • FMI for Matlab and Dymola (Version 1.8.5, License Expires 05/22/2016)
  • Rhapsody (Version 8.1.1, License Expires 08/10/2016)
    • Includes Cygwin as a compiler

If anything needs to be added or changed for an upcoming semester, please contact Engineering Computing Services (ECS) or George Assard during the summer session or winter intersession to coordinate this.

Please allow three weeks for software programs to be added or modified. We will do our best to accommodate late requests. Once the software is updated or installed, it needs to be tested by the professor or TAs of the class to make sure all parts are working properly. We would like to this test to be done at least two weeks before the start of the semester, and this can be done anywhere Skybox can be accessed.

The process of adding or changing software on Skybox slows down significantly when the semester begins, as it is very difficult to update a system that is continually in use.

Student Access to the Distance Learning Lab Skybox

The Distance Learning Lab (DLL) is only for use with specific classes and only a small number of students will be able to access it during the semester. In order for the students to be able to access the DLL, a class list (with NetIDs), along with all the professors and TAs who would also need access must be provided to ECS or George Assard at least one week before the start of the semester. Late additions and drops will be handled as needed.

All students should be given a copy (digital or print) of the access instructions for this part of Skybox. This is provided to all professors that use the DLL for their classes, and it can be obtained by emailing ECS or George Assard.

Please do not hesitate to contact ECS or George Assard with any questions by following numbers.

George Assard: (860) 486-5305

ECE: (860) 486-1821