Take a Course2

For a number of great reasons, you may want to take just one engineering course at UConn.

Entering as a non-degree student allows you to take a course or two while you prepare for admission or just to simply try out a couple of courses before deciding if you want to pursue a master’s degree.

The non-degree option offers courses to fit the needs of working engineers with a demanding and busy schedule, allowing you to take a course or two without having to pursue a degree.

Non-degree students do not go through the admission process of the Graduate School. Taking courses as a non-degree student does not imply admission to a UConn degree program. Non-degree students are classified as non-degree-seeking.

However, grades earned as a non-degree student will go toward the student’s UConn grade point average or may be transferred to another institution based on that institution’s transfer policy.

All students taking MENG classes as a non-degree student are subject to the same program fee as matriculated MENG students. Please note that only 6 credits (two courses) of non-degree coursework with a grade of “B” or better can be applied toward a master’s degree at UConn, including any external (non-UConn) course transfers.


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