This program is offered by the UConn School of Engineering Professional Education program.

The Professional Education program at the UConn School of Engineering delivers customized communication training to help engineers communicate more effectively.

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Jonathan Bartolotta
Program Manager
UConn School of Engineering
Professional Education
371 Fairfield Way, Unit 4031
Storrs, CT 06269-4031
Toll Free Phone: 855-740-4044

Customized Training to Advance Your Company’s Greatest Asset

Professional Education staff closely collaborates with corporate partners to design educational training opportunities for your engineers and other valuable employees.

Working together with your company and UConn faculty, we develop customized training and development programs to meet the specific training needs of corporations. By identifying the training needs of your company, we develop curriculum and course content, and deliver a tailored program to address your individual training objectives.

  • Convenience – We design and deliver the program around your company’s constraints and requirements to make it more convenient for you and the participants.
  • Flexibility – We can deliver the program on-site at your location, or online modality with an interactive environment with our faculty to study high quality content. We can also provide flexibility and reach across your company's multiple locations, including international offices.
  • Relevance – Acquire skill sets that are relevant to the daily objectives of your workforce.
  • No Work Disruption – Classes can be scheduled during afternoons or evenings to avoid any workday interruptions.
  • Quality – Participants have direct interaction with UConn engineering faculty.
  • Customized Training – Opportunities are geared toward your needs.
  • Sample Topics – Advanced Systems Engineering (category specific), Communication for Engineers, Cyber Security Underwater Acoustics, Electronic Warfare.


UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Engineering Communications Program

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Engineering Communication Programs
Offered by SoE/CLAS Professional Education Program

Communication for engineers delivered by engineers of communication.

The ability to communicate and collaborate is a vital skill for a successful engineering team and this non-credit programming will provide solutions for companies looking for advancement opportunities to offer their staff engineers keeping them engaged and at the top of their game. The fully customizable session, offered by the UConn School of Engineering Professional Education program in partnership with UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is designed and delivered especially for engineers and based around your company’s constraints and requirements to make it more convenient for you and your participating engineers. Contact

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