Lockheed Martin Leadership Development Program (LDP) or the Sikorsky Aircraft Program Management Rotation Program (PMRP)

UConn School of Engineering Professional Education can allow up to three systems engineering courses (9 credit hours) of transfer credit for Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky employees who participated in the Lockheed Martin Leadership Development Program (LDP) or the Sikorsky Aircraft Program Management Rotation Program (PMRP), which can be transferred into the Advanced Systems Engineering Master of Engineering concentration. Contact Amy Thompson, Associate Director of Academics, to determine your eligibility to transfer nine credits from another institution.


Sikorsky Lockheed-Martin and UConn School of Engineering Professional Education Partnership


Lockheed Martin Architect Development & Qualification Program (ADQP)

Lockheed Martin created the Architect Development and Qualification Program (ADQP) for Architects and Technical Leaders in 1992 based upon the IBM Federal Systems System Architect program and it maintains a long and successful history training over 500 employees. The program develops and recognizes Technical Leaders at Lockheed Martin. 

By participating in UConn's Advanced Systems Engineering courses, Lockheed Martin employees can gain knowledge and the skills needed to meet the Architect Development and Training requirements for the Lockheed Martin ADQP. The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Systems Engineering requires four graduate courses and the Master’s of Engineering requires ten graduate courses. Click here to find out more about the education programs.

Courses include:

  • Engineering Principles and Practices Requirement: SE 5000 - Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • Project Management Essentials and Program Management Fundamentals: ENGR 5312 - Engineering Project Planning & Management
  • Architecture Requirement: SE 5001 - Model-Based Systems Engineering and Architecting


UConn Advanced Systems Engineering Program Information

All of our Systems Engineering courses are offered by our distance-learning model, so employees located in the United States or internationally can participate. Click here to find out more about our distance-learning model.

We currently offer nine Systems Engineering courses focused on systems architecting and modeling and four engineering courses that develop engineering principles and practices and project management essentials. Click here to find out more about our SE and ENGR courses.

We offer monthly online info-sessions so that employees can learn more about our systems engineering programs and courses. Register for an upcoming info-session.

You can find more information on how to apply and application requirements for the Graduate Certificate and the Master’s of Engineering Degree.


UConn Points of Contact:

UConn School of Engineering
Professional Education 
371 Fairfield Way, Unit 4031
Storrs, CT 06269-4031
Toll Free Phone: 855-740-4044
Email: soeprofed@uconn.edu

Academic Questions: Dr. Amy Thompson
Associate Director of Academic Programs
Associate Professor-In-Residence, Systems Engineering
Email: amy.2.thompson@uconn.edu
Office: (860)486-8462
Web: https://utc-iase.uconn.edu/education/

Lockheed Martin Point of Contact:

Blaine Groves
Rail Systems Chief Architect
Architect Development & Qualification Program Education Lead
Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS)
12999 W Deer Creek Canyon Rd.
Mail Stop DC5025
Littleton, CO 80127
Email: blaine.groves@lmco.com

UConn Engineering Webinar

Attend an Advanced Systems
Engineering Webinar

Attend a webinar to learn more about this program that gives working engineering professionals the opportunity to pursue graduate studies fully online. Professors George Bollas and Amy Thompson will dig deep into the programs, courses and explain the value and benefits of studying systems engineering at UConn School of Engineering Professional Education.

Preferential Application Review Dates

Spring Semester:
December 1st
Summer Semester:
April 1st

Fall Semester:
July 1st